Quantitative X-ray Diffraction Analysis: Short Course on Rietveld Refinement - July 9-12

Posted 6 June 2018

For Science & Engineering Postgraduates and Staff: Monday 9 to Thursday 12 July 2018
Quantitative X-ray diffraction analysis is usually defined as determination of quantities of different phases in a multi-phase sample; it also includes extraction of structure information of a crystalline material from its XRD pattern. In this field Rietveld refinement currently becomes a dominant method because it is standard-less (standard sample is not necessary), flexible, and having reasonable accuracy.
This course is an introduction to Rietveld refinement of powder and polycrystalline bulk samples, including 6 major topics: basic crystallography, Rietveld mathematics, the quality evaluation, the data collection (measurement), the refinement procedure, and special case study. It gives a review of typical quantitative methods, but mostly focusing on knowledge of Rietveld refinement and its practices. There are 12 sessions of refinement practice with different samples, which gives attendees hands-on skills. Apart from phase quantity, the course also discusses other applications, such as determination of particle size, crystallinity, cell parameters of a crystal structure, and particle shape.  
The course will use HighScore Plus (Panalytical software) and COD database as analysis tool although many other software available. There is a brief on the other commercial and free software.
Conditions: 1. The course requires attendees to have basic knowledge of XRD, experienced with instrument operation and phase identification process (current users of MPD, MRD, Empyrean are eligible); 2. The course is only provided for postgraduates and staff, due to the requirement of extensive XRD knowledge, and reasonable time frame to build up refinement skills; 3. The course runs from 9:00-4:30 pm for 4 consecutive days. Maximum number of attendees is 24. There is $340 administration fee to each UNSW internal attendee (a research account is needed). Registration deadline is 2:00 pm Friday 29th June.
If you are interested in this course or have queries please contact Yu Wang on Ext: 54669 or E: yu.wang@unsw.edu.au. Thank you.