Emergencies: Call (02) 9385 6666

Evacuation Procedure

There are two alarm sounds. On hearing the first alarm, Wardens should check their areas for evidence of some problem or emergency, such as a fire, and alert staff that they may be required to evacuate, then standby for more information. Any problem or emergency should be reported to the Chief Warden using the Red Phone on each level.

Click here for the UNSW OHS Emergency page.

In the event of a problem, either the Chief Warden initiates the second (evacuation) alarm, or the system may automatically go into the second tone due the the severity of the situation. It is only on the second alarm that Area Wardens should start clearing their areas, then report back to the Chief Warden using the Red Phone for that area.

Click here for evacuation routes and assembly points for the Wallace Wurth Building and the Chemical Sciences Building

Chemical Sciences F10

There are three organisations that occupy the Chemical Sciences building. Each organisation manages its own first aid and evacuation team, however all wardens in Chemical Sciences are administered by the Chief Warden.

FLOOD: In the event of a flood within Chemical Sciences (F10), a 70L wet vacuum is located in the cryogen store (B47) in the basement level. Contact the NMR staff if you need access to the cryostore.

Wallace Wurth Building

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