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Conference Abstracts

Purvis G; van der Land C; Sano N; Cumpson P; Gray N, 2020, 'Combining morphological and organic geochemical evidence for investigating putative ichnofossils: A case study for an approach for the detection of fossilised life on Mars', in EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, presented at EGU General Assembly Conference,

Journal articles

Purvis G; Sano N; van der Land C; Barlow A; Cumpson P; Gray N; Lopez-Capel E, 2021, 'A comparison of the molecular composition of plant and fungal structural biopolymer standards with the organic material in early cretaceous Ontong Java Plateau Tuff', Chemical Geology, vol. 565,
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Cumpson P; Sheriff J; Fletcher IW, 2020, 'Computer-readable Image Markers for Automated Registration in Correlative Microscopy', arXiv preprint arXiv:2011.14949,
Sheraz S; Tian H; Vickerman JC; Blenkinsopp P; Winograd N; Cumpson P, 2019, 'Enhanced Ion Yields Using High Energy Water Cluster Beams for Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Analysis and Imaging', Analytical Chemistry, vol. 91, pp. 9058 - 9068,
Purvis G; Sano N; van der Land C; Barlow A; Lopez-Capel E; Cumpson P; Hood J; Sheriff J; Gray N, 2019, 'Combining thermal hydrolysis and methylation-gas chromatography/mass spectrometry with X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy to characterise complex organic assemblages in geological material', MethodsX, vol. 6, pp. 2646 - 2655,
Purvis G; van der Land C; Sano N; Cockell C; Barlow A; Cumpson P; Lopez-Capel E; Gray N, 2019, 'The organic stratigraphy of Ontong Java Plateau Tuff correlated with the depth-related presence and absence of putative microbial alteration structures', Geobiology, vol. 17, pp. 281 - 293,
Tardio S; Cumpson PJ, 2018, 'Practical estimation of XPS binding energies using widely available quantum chemistry software', Surface and Interface Analysis, vol. 50, pp. 5 - 12,
Barlow AJ; Popescu S; Artyushkova K; Scott O; Sano N; Hedley J; Cumpson PJ, 2016, 'Chemically specific identification of carbon in XPS imaging using Multivariate Auger Feature Imaging (MAFI)', Carbon, vol. 107, pp. 190 - 197,
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