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Journal articles

Purvis G; Sano N; van der Land C; Barlow A; Lopez-Capel E; Cumpson P; Hood J; Sheriff J; Gray N, 2019, 'Combining thermal hydrolysis and methylation-gas chromatography/mass spectrometry with X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy to characterise complex organic assemblages in geological material', MethodsX, vol. 6, pp. 2646 - 2655,
Purvis G; van der Land C; Sano N; Cockell C; Barlow A; Cumpson P; Lopez-Capel E; Gray N, 2019, 'The organic stratigraphy of Ontong Java Plateau Tuff correlated with the depth-related presence and absence of putative microbial alteration structures', Geobiology, vol. 17, pp. 281 - 293,
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Tardio S; Cumpson PJ, 2018, 'Practical estimation of XPS binding energies using widely available quantum chemistry software', Surface and Interface Analysis, vol. 50, pp. 5 - 12,
Barlow AJ; Popescu S; Artyushkova K; Scott O; Sano N; Hedley J; Cumpson PJ, 2016, 'Chemically specific identification of carbon in XPS imaging using Multivariate Auger Feature Imaging (MAFI)', Carbon, vol. 107, pp. 190 - 197,
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