COVID Advice

The Biorepository is currently unable to provide processing services as usual. Once the LGAs of concern and or NSW Health advice changes and we are able to comply with the Safe Return to Campus guidelines we will resume our normal activity.

For inducted users who do not reside in the LGAs of concern we have also put measures in place in our work areas to assist users in complying with the Safe Return to Campus guidelines.

During the Greater Sydney lockdown, before you use the Biorepository facilities, you must:

  • Confirm that you have explicit approval from your Manager or Supervisor to be on campus.
  • Already have been inducted to use the space/instruments
  • Specimen drop-off:
    • Specimens delivered to Upper Campus Stores will only be collected and NOT processed as usual.
    • In person specimen drop-off should be pre-arranged and done with some caution avoiding close contact with others. Users dropping off specimens in person should check with their Biorepository contacts (by phone or e-mail) about these procedures, even if these have been arranged previously.
  • Instrument use by researchers;
    • Researchers who are already inducted and trained to operate instruments can still come to setup their own samples only if they have permission to be on site by their manager/supervisors.

All Biorepository equipment is located within PC2 facilities, please continue to use the correct PPE, including a face mask and comply with the adjusted room capacity.

UNSW and NSW Health provide additional guidance and the latest advice should be followed. If you have concerns with working in any Biorepository space, please discuss this with a member of the staff.