Policies and Procedures


SOPs for Specimen Accrual

The UNSW Biorepository has Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in place to ensure that specimens are handled and processed in a consistent manner within each Collection Protocol, while maintaining a high standard of specimen provenance:
• Tissue handling & storage SOP               • RNA extraction from tissue SOP
• DNA extraction from tissue SOP             • DNA extraction from blood SOP


Acknowledgement Policy


In accordance with UNSW's Research Code of Conduct and Procedure for Authorship and for Resolving Disputes Between Authors, any publications and/or presentations resulting from specimens and/or data obtained from the UNSW Biorepository is required to acknowledge the source within the 'Acknowledgement' or 'Materials/Methods' sections in the following manner:

Biospecimens and data used in this research were obtained from the UNSW Biorepository, Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre, UNSW Sydney Australia"


Terms & Conditions


Full information on the terms & conditions associated with a quotation for the use of the Biorepository facilities and services is provided in the Biorepository Quotation Terms & Conditions.