Nikon Ti2 (Ramaciotti)

Nikon Ti2
The Nikon Eclipse Ti2-E is an inverted widefield system offering a large field of view, high-quality optics and an industry-leading focus stabilisation system (Nikon Perfect Focus System). With a stage insert providing temperature and CO2 control, this system is ideal for live-cell imaging. The system software includes Nikon JOBS, allowing automation of experimental protocols, including on the go analysis and cell identification. In addition to these features, this microscope is connected to a Cetoni liquid-handling unit, allowing for automated liquid exchange. Whether you are performing live-cell experiments, sample screening or automated experimental protocols, this system can perform the task with minimal researcher input.
Microscope body: Inverted
Motorised Stage: Yes
Temp Control: Stagetop incubator
CO2: Stagetop incubator
Software: NIS-Elements + JOBS + General Analysis

Common Applications

Live-cell imaging Imaging living cells allows observation of dynamic processes, greatly improving our understanding of how biological mechanisms work. To facilitate cell survival and to simulate biologically relevant conditions for cellular function, this system includes a temperature and atmosphere controlled stage insert. This wide-field fluorescence system allows gentle imaging of live cells with minimal phototoxic impact. Further, Nikon’s NIS Elements software allows for easy setup of long-term live-cell experiments for visualisation of cell migration and cell proliferation.
Automated experiments This system is equipped with Nikon’s JOBS software, providing a platform for setting up automated experiments. Using a modular interface, JOBS allows users to pre-set imaging parameters and perform long-term experiments that run without further input. In addition, an attached Cetoni liquid handling unit allows integration of buffer-exchange into automated imaging protocols for applications such as multiplexed imaging.

Objective Lenses

4x 0.13 Plan Fluor Air 17.1 mm
10x 0.30 Plan Fluor Air 16.0 mm
20x 0.50 Plan Fluor Air 2.1 mm
20x 0.75 Plan Apochromat Air 1.0 mm
40x 0.9 Plan Apochromat Lambda Air 0.25 mm
100x 1.40 Plan Apochromat Oil 0.13 mm

Light Sources

LED DIA illumination 

Fluorescence: Mercury Lamp - Nikon Intensilight C-HGFIE 


Name Excitation Dichroic Emission
DAPI-U BP 383-408 nm LP 425 nm BP 435-485 nm
CFP BP 426-446 nm LP 455 nm BP 460-500 nm
FITC BP 460-500 nm LP 510 nm BP 510-560 nm
mCherry BP 550-590 nm LP 600 nm BP 608-683 nm
Cy5 BP 590-650 nm LP 660 nm BP 663-738 nm


Nikon DS-Qi2 CMOS