Aperio FL Slide Scanner

Aperio FL Slide Scanner

The Aperio ScanScope FL scanner is a fluorescence microscope that is used to digitalise traditional fluorescently labelled specimens, mounted on a glass slide, through a high-quality scanning process and produces, able to scan large areas. With 20X magnification you can select from up to 4 fluorescent colours (Blue, Green, red, far-red). All slides must be labelled with DAPI or Hoechst nuclear stain for calibration and focusing purposes. The files can be viewed and analysed in the Leica specialise software ImageScope. The image format is .svs which is a form of a tiff file, that can be converted into JPEG2000 or JPG for faster processing and presentation.

Microscope body:
Motorised Stage:
Temp Control:


Common Applications

Digitalization of microscope slides: Aperio FL is not using image tiles to scan large areas, it is using line scanning to reduce drastically the number of images to be captured and aligned. The histology slide is accurately moved under a line-scan camera to acquire the image, line by line. Each colour of interest (Blue, Green, Red, Far-Red) is acquired one by one using specific filter cubes to select the excitation and the emission wavelengths.

Objective Lenses

20x 0.75 Plan Apo Dry    


Light Sources

Source Wavelengths Misc.
Mercury lamp, X-cite® Visible light PC controlled, 2000+ hours



Name Exication Dichroic Emission description

BP 420 ‑ 460nm

BP 510 ‑ 531nm

BP 590 ‑ 624 nm      BP 677 ‑ 722 nm       

Quad-band bandpass filter, selection of emitted light (BP: Band Pass)
FF01-387/11 BP 381-392 nm     Selection of blue excitation light (BP: Band Pass)
FF01-485/20 BP 475-495 nm     Selection of green excitation light (BP: Band Pass)
FF01-560/25 BP 547-572 nm     Selection of red excitation light (BP: Band Pass)
FF01-650/13 BP 643 -656 nm     Selection of far red excitation light (BP: Band Pass)



Detector Sensor Type Pixel Format Pixel Size Description
8/10-bit monochrome TDI line-image capture camera Single line CCD     Scanning region: 23.4 x 55 mm



  • Image Compression: JPG2000
  • Image File Formats: TIFF, SVS, and JP2 (using JPEG2000 compression)