Bruker Multimode 8


The Bruker Multimode 8® (MM8) is an advanced atomic force microscope (AFM) and Scanning Tunnelling Microscope (STM). AFM is a very high-resolution type of Scanning probe microscopy (SPM) which acquires data by “feeling” or “touching” the surface of a sample with a mechanical probe. STM is used to image samples at the atomic level by examining a bias (voltage difference) applied between a conductive probe and a conductive sample.

The MM8 features the Bruker PeakForce Tapping technology, PeakForce QNM (Quantitative Nanomechanical Mapping) for the rapid acquisition of a range of sample mechanical properties including elasticity, adhesion and deformation simultaneously with topography and epifluorescence wide-field microscopy. The MM8 also features the Bruker ScanAsyst® software, automating the optimisation of scanning parameters for users to obtain quality images.

Piezoelectric scanner:

E liquid restant scanner (10 x 10 um2)

A scanner (400 x 400 nm2)

Temp Control: Yes (sample heater/cooler range -35  to 250C)
Atmospheric hood: Yes
Deflection detection: Super luminescent diode λ = 690nm
Software: Nanoscope 9.1

Common Applications

Topographic imaging In Complement with the classic tapping mode used for AFM topographic imaging, the MM8 can be run using the Peakforce tapping which operates in non-resonant and combines the benefits of tapping and contact mode imaging. Peakforce tapping also limits the damage of very soft samples by accurate control of the force set point (from pN to nN). ScanAsyst auto control mode automatically optimizes and adjusts imaging parameters in real-time, for dried samples in air, or for samples immersed in a fluid, making the experience more user-friendly. A phase image is acquired simultaneously with the topography image.
Mechanical properties The AFM supports measurements in PeakForce QNM (Quantitative Nanomechanical Mapping), Quantitative Force-Volume Mapping, and Single Force Curve Imaging. QNM allows for the simultaneous acquisition of multiple sample properties including topology, modulus, adhesion and deformation.
Imaging in Fluid The fluid cells for AFM and liquid-resistant scanner allow the work in aqueous liquids with the option of small volume fluid exchange.
Conductivity The MM8 is capable of mapping the conductivity of a sample with a specialised tip using the PeakForce TUNA™ feature.
Lateral Force Microscopy (LFM) LFM operates in contact mode and measures the vertical deflection of the AFM cantilever. LFM results contain information on both surface friction and topography.
Electrochemistry (EC-AFM and EC-STM) The MM8 is equipped with an electrochemistry fluid cell for EC-AFM and a sample holder for EC-STM

Also, Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM), Electrostatic Force Microscopy (EFM) and Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy (KPFM).   

Probe Holders

  • Air Probe Holder
  • Liquid Cell
  • Electrochemistry Cell
  • Gas Cell
  • STM Head
  • Low Current STM Head