IncuCyte FLR

incucyte image

The IncuCyte FLR is a widefield inverted live cell system engineered with long term high throughput imaging in mind. Housed inside a tissue culture incubator, the imaging module maintains the most stable imaging conditions possible, and also comes with a selection of versatile inserts allowing you to imagine your cells in a range of vessels.

Inserts to fit: 

           • Multiwell Plates
           • Microslides
           • 70ml (25cm2) Canted Neck Flasks
           • 35mm single dishes (Fluorodish)
           • 60x15mm TC Treaded Dishes
Microscope body:
Motorised Stage: Yes
Temp. Control: TC Incubator
CO2: TC Incubator
Software: IncuCyte 2011


Common Applications

High-throughput Screening With a capacity of holding up to 6x 384-well plates the IncyCyte has the potential to screen 2304 wells per experiment. Additionally the software comes bundled with analysis software to measure proliferation, wound closure and tube formation which can be displayed as plate maps making it easy to instantly see how these parameters change between different wells/treatments.
Wound Healing Assays A common method for assessing cell motility is to induce a scratch wound in a confluent monolayer of cultured cells. With a WoundMaker-96 reproducible wounds can be made in 96 well plates and imaged in the IncyCyte. The instrument will automatically measure and report on wound closure
Proliferation Assays The environmental stability that comes from being housed in a tissue culture incubator, along with automated analysis software makes the IncuCyte an attractive tool for performing compound screens. The absence of proliferation is a simple marker for screening drugs that are hoped to induce cell death or senescence.


The acquisition software comes with several automated analysis tools built in to aid with high throughput analysis, such as object counting, scratch wound closure, and confluence measurements. These metrics can be monitored during the course of imaging, and are displayed graphically allowing easy and quick interpretation of results.
The IncuCyte comes with a 10x objective and can capture both phase contrast and/or green fluorescence high dynamic range images, and a WoundMaker-96 allowing scratch wound assays to be carried out in 96-well plates. Speed of acquisition is dependent upon the number of samples placed in the unit but is suited for intervals in the minutes to hours range.