Nikon Biostation

Nikon Biostation is an inverted life cell imaging microscope enclosed in an incubator. The stage and objective are fully enclosed in temperature modulated box resulting in no focus drift during imaging. The cells are kept at 37C and supplemented with 5% CO2 throughout the entire experiment. The imaging chamber can hold 35mm glass or plastic bottom dishes of 0.17um thickness. The Biostation is an ideal microscope for imaging cell migrations, wound healing, cell division and cell growth and adherence.
Microscope body:
Motroised Stage:
Temp Control:
Full Enclosure
Full Enclosure
Biostation IM 2.21

Common Applications

Live Cell Imaging: Many biological processes are dynamic events and as such observing living cells is qruicial to unravelling and understanding the mechanisms behind them. This requires special considerations when imaging. Firstly the environmental conditions must be controllable and stable to ensure the cells remain healthy. Secondly care needs to be taken that the act of imaging has as little impact as possible on the event being observed.
Cell Proliferation: Measuring the rate of cell proliferation can be a simple readout for assessing cell viability.
Scratch-wound Assay: A simulated wound is made in a confluent monlayer of tissues culture cells. For the wound to close the surrounding cells need to use many processes primarily but not exclusively cell migration and proliferation. Metrics such as the rate at which the wound closes can demonstrate a change in one of these underlying processes.


Objective Lenses

40x 0.8 Plan Fluor Air Long  

Magifications of 20x, 40x, and 80x are available through multiple switching tube lenses.


Light Sources

Phase contrast
Illumination with a red LED and a Phase ring to achieve phase contrast imaging
Mercury light source: Intensilight


Fluorescence Filters
Description Excitation Dichroic Emission
GFP BP 473 - 491 495 LP BP 506 - 534
Texas Red BP 542 - 582 593 LP BP 604 - 644




The images are recorded by 12 bit Charged- Coupled Device camera offering image resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels.