Zeiss Cell Discoverer 7 LSM 900


The Zeiss Celldiscoverer 7 is a boxed imaging system suited for performing automated experiments. This inverted widefield system features automatic focusing, focus stabilisation, time-course and position setup to allow researchers to insert a sample and set up long-term experiments in minutes

The Celldiscoverer 7 has a fully temperature-controlled sample chamber with a CO2 pump, this chamber is highly stable and allows for live cells to stay healthier for longer. By utilising LEDs as a light-source for widefield imaging, live-cells can be imaged gently and with low phototoxicity, making the Celldiscoverer 7 ideal for long-term live experiments. Additionally, an infrared LED is used for transmitted light brightfield and phase contrast imaging through all available objectives and through a variety of sample holders.

This system is fitted with 4 objectives which allow imaging through both plastic and glass sample holders. The higher magnification objectives are suited to acquiring high-resolution images through glass. A separate magnification changer expands the obtainable magnification range to 2.5x-100x. The water-immersion 50x objective allows for detailed imaging and is supported in automated experiments by an automatic immersion dispenser.

In addition to its widefield capabilities, this microscope is capable of confocal imaging using an attached Zeiss LSM 900 system. This includes an Airyscan 2 module, allowing for imaging with up to 1.5x increased resolution and an improved signal-to-noise ratio. The module operates using 405, 488, 561 and 640 nm lasers and sensitive GaAsP detectors. The multiple imaging modalities of this system allows researchers to pre-screen their samples at low magnification using widefield microscopy before selecting specific regions to image at high resolution using confocal or Airyscan imaging.

Microscope body: Inverted
Motorised Stage: Yes
Temp Control: Full Enclosure
CO2: Full Enclosure
Software: Zen Blue Edition

Common Applications

Live-cell imaging Imaging living cells allows observation of dynamic processes, greatly improving our understanding of how biological mechanisms work. To facilitate cell survival and to simulate biologically relevant conditions for cellular function, this system includes a temperature and atmosphere controlled sample chamber. The widefield fluorescence module allows gentle imaging of live cells with minimal phototoxicity. Further, Celldiscoverer 7 allows for easy setup of long-term live-cell experiments for visualisation of cell migration and cell proliferation.
Sample screening Zeiss Celldiscoverer 7 features automatic sample carrier calibration and region setup. Paired with automatic focusing, this microscope is ideal for automatically imaging large areas of live or fixed cells, including entire plates
Confocal Confocal imaging is a fluorescence microscopy technique that optically sections the specimen preventing out of light from reaching the detector. This yields clear high contrast images, and together with the ability to acquire images sequentially at multiple positions the entire sample can be reconstructed in 3D.
Airyscan The Airyscan detector consists of a hexagonal array of 32 GaAsP detector elements that have the light collection efficiency of a 1.25 AU pinhole (up to 50% more light collected than with a 1 AU pinhole). Each detector element functions similarly to a single, small pinhole, which enables the generation of higher resolution images with improved signal-to-noise ratio than a standard confocal.

Objective Lenses

5x 0.35 Plan Apochromat Air 5.10 mm
20x 0.7 Plan Apochromat Air 2.20 mm
20x 0.95 Plan Apochromat Air 0.76 mm
50x 1.2 Plan Apochromat Water 0.84 mm

System includes afocal magnification changer for 0.5x/1x/2x magnification (effective magnification range of 2.5x – 100x)

Light Sources

Transmitted light unit: IR-LED

Fluorescence: LEDs 385, 420, 470, 520, 567, 590 and 625 nm

LSM 900 laser module

  • Diode laser (405 nm, 5mW)
  • Diode laser (488 nm, 10mW)
  • Diode (SHG) laser (561 nm, 10mW)
  • Diode laser (640 nm, 5 mW)



Name Excitation Dichroic Emission
Filter set 90 (Quadruple filter set)
		385 nm 
		470 nm 
		555 nm 
		625 nm 
		LP 405 nm 
		LP 493 nm 
		LP 575 nm 
		LP 653 nm 
		BP 410-440 nm 
		BP 500-530 nm 
		BP 580-605 nm 
		BP 660-760 nm 
Filter set 91 (Triple filter set)
		385 nm 
		470 nm 
		555 nm 
		LP 450 nm 
		LP 538 nm 
		LP 610 nm 
		BP 455-479 nm 
		BP 543-568 nm 
		BP 615-760 nm 
Filter set 92 (Triple filter set)
		385 nm 
		470 nm 
		555 nm 
		LP 405 nm 
		LP 493 nm 
		LP 610 nm 
		BP 410-440 nm 
		BP 500-550 nm 
		BP 615-760 nm 


Internal camera: Aziocam 506 mono

LSM900: GaAsP detector x2 and Airyscan 2 GaAsP Array