Access and Costs

The Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry Facility is funded in part by the NSW Government and is therefore accessible to all researchers in Australia. The cost of providing access to the BMSF is met by an access fee paid in part by the user with contributions from institutional (e.g., UNSW) and government infrastructure funding (e.g., ARC LIEF).

Access work flows range from occasional samples on a "fee-for-service" (FFS) basis (requested via a downloadable form) to extensive registered projects where "do it yourself" (DIY) users are registered and trained to operate equipment at the BMSF. Projects often involve considerable guidance and supervision from BMSF staff. The work flow (left to right) for sample submission and user access to the BMSF is shown below.

Access rates, set primarily for hours of instrument time used, are essentially tiered into 2 levels: Academic (public sector researchers) and commercial (private sector). Academic researchers have the option of FFS access rate or a lower cost DIY rate after appropriate training on the facility's equipment.


For more information on the Fees Schedule, click here.