Types of Assays

Isotope dilution GCMS
Analysis of catecholamines
Kynurenine Pathway metabolites
Nitrates and Nitrites
Acetylecholine and other quaternary ammonium biological amines
Vitamin D and metabolites
Assay for the quantificaition of DT in urine and protein hydrolysates
Analysis of tryptic digests, gel-fractions and peptides in biological extracts
Determine pancreatic polypeptide levels in human plasma
Mass determinations of intact proteins/glysosylations level estimation
Analysis of synthetic polymers and large synthetic organometallics
Detection of lactones in microbial extracts
Analysis of coal tar samples for molecular weight distribution
Analysis of borate complex structure in plant extracts
Development of a phosphorylation assay used to investigate cell-signalling
Metabolite profiling 
Orbitrap LC-MS for small molecule analysis
Triple quadrupole LC-MS for small molecule analysis
Lipid analysis by LC-MS or nanospray
Ion trap LC-UV-MS for small molecule analysis
Small molecule quantitation by mass spectrometry
Drug quantitation in biological fluids by mass spectrometry
Quantitation of specific molecules in biological fluids/tissues by mass spectrometry
Folate quantitation
Surface analysis by DESI-Orbitrap
Quantitation of specific peptides in biological fluids/tissues/organism by MRM
low mass peptide/protein (<25kDa) enrichment from complex proteomes
nanoLC-MS/MS protein digest analysis
Intact protein analysis
Mascot searches for protein identification
High resolution mass accuracy analysis (ECD, ETD, IRMPD)
iTRAQ analysis and quantitation
SILAC analysis and quantitation


If you are interested in any of these assays, please contact the BMSF