Agilent(HP) 1090 Micro LC and Prep LC

The HP 1090 HPLC system is useful for a wide range of applications for metabolites, peptides and proteins including: sample clean up; enrichment, and fractionation. With flow rates of between 50–5000 μl/min it suits elution using narrow bore to analytical size columns that can be detected with a UV detector. Columns can be temperature controlled and there are also 3 solvent reservoirs for solvent delivery binary, ternary or gradient elution. The application of this instrument to many kinds of separation columns is the advantage of this stand alone LC system. This instrument is being used in conjunction with reverse phase, cation exchange, size exclusion and other column media. Its main use is for the preparation of samples for MSMS analysis. This can involve the enrichment and gradient elution of lower abundance proteins in biological samples such as plasma. There is also a fraction collector and auto sampler associated with this instrument.

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