GE IPGphor/Multiphor Isoelectric Focusing Systems

Isoelectric focusing (IEF) systems are used for: the fractionation of complex biological samples in pathway and systems analysis; quantitation of protein effector molecules; elucidation of protein modifications; and sample clean-up for ongoing analysis. It is used in conjunction with immobilised pH gradients of length 7cm, 13cm, or 18cm for broad range pH3-10, mid range pH4-7, 6-11, or narrow range with 0.01pH unit separating power. This can be the first step of 2D electrophoresis and is typically followed by a 2nd dimension using molecular mass to fractionate further (see SDS-PAGE).

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Dr Valerie Wasinger

Dr Valerie Wasinger

Position: Senior Research Scientist
Facility: Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry Facility
Category: Academic Staff

PT: Tuesday - Friday

Role & Interests

One of the major challenges facing protein analysis is the dynamic range of protein expression within massively complex samples. My interest is in the fractionation and identification of low abundance proteins and peptide and the identification of modified peptides and proteins in complex (1000's proteins) mixtures.

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