Biological Mass Spectrometry Workshop

The popular 3-4 day course is offered 1-2 times each year and is suitable for beginners and those familiar with applications of Mass Spectrometry in the Life Sciences. Participants gain access to expert staff who lecture and also supervise the hands-on component of this course.

Topics covered in the first 3 days include: Introduction to Biological Mass Spectrometry and instrumentation; MALDI and Electrospray ionisation; Peptide sequencing and tandem mass spectrometry; Proteomics and sample preparation; 1 and 2 dimensional liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry; Post-translational modifications and; Data analysis and interpretation. Download the pdf for more information.

The optional 1-day program (Day 4) will include a workshop on proteomic data analysis. This hands-on workshop will be focused on correct use of search engines for protein identification and discovery of protein post-translational modifications, followed by an introduction to the interpretation of functional significance of proteomic data using systems biology techniques. For more information see This workshop is a free bonus to the 3 day mass spec workshop offered.


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