Animal Facility Requirements

BRIL's imaging facility is housed within the Biological Resources Centre (BRC) in the Lowy Cancer Research Centre and Wallace Wurth buildings, both of which maintain a specific pathogen free (SPF) and PC2 facility status. BRC has specific policies and regulations regarding the use of animals within the facility.

To maintain the SPF status of the facility new animals must come directly from an approved SPF supplier. Under some circumstances, BRC may allow animals to come from other facilities. To discuss this possibility, please contact the BRC manager.

It is a condition of the UNSW Animal Care and Ethics Committee (ACEC) that only animals covered under an approved UNSW ACEC ethics application can be housed in the facility. For non-UNSW users, you will be required to submit an ethics application with a UNSW academic as CI to cover the work done within BRC and BRIL. 

BRIL users working with live animals must receive a facility induction from BRC before being granted access. In order to work without supervision, all users must undergo the required training courses conducted by UNSW WHS. Training for independent operation is provided for most instruments. Fee for service may be available for some applications upon request.

New users - please consult the BRIL New User Checklist to see how to obtain access to our facilities.

Contact Brendan Lee or Tzong-Tyng Hung for further information.