BD FACS Jazz™ II Cell Sorter

The BD FACS Jazz™ II Cell Sorter is equipped with 2 excitation lasers (blue 488nm and red 642nm) and has a flexible detection configuration detecting up to 8 parameters (6 fluorescence channels, forward scatter and side scatter). 

This cytometer has a set 100um nozzle, and is capable of sorting speeds of up to 10 000 particles/second. This sorter is optimal for medium/high-throughput bulk sorting, able to simultaneously sort 1-4 populations into a variety of tube sizes. It is also capable of single/multiple cell deposition onto a variety of plate/slide types. It is housed in a class II C.A.S™ biosafety cabinet (PC2).

This cell sorter runs FACS Sortware™ software, generating FCS3.0 files.

Contact People

Mr Chris Brownlee

Position: Flow Cytometry Scientist
Laboratory: Flow
Dr Emma Johansson Beves

Position: Flow Cytometry Technical Officer
Laboratory: Flow