BRIL EchoMRI Body Composition Analyzer

The EchoMRI-900 uses the principle of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) to 
measure the fat, lean, free water and total water mass of a mouse or rat. It provides a fast and non-invasive way to acquire body composition data, facilitating longitudinal studies with little to no impact on animal welfare. During measurements the animals are physically restrained using cylindrical holders, therefore no anaesthesia or sedation is required.

The four measurements taken are:

  • Fat (all fat molecules in the body)
  • Lean (tissues containing water, excluding fat, bone minerals, and substances that do not contribute to the NMR signal, such as hair and claws)
  • Free Water (water contained in urine)
  • Total Water (water contained urine, tissue and blood)

All measurements are expressed in grams and data is easily exported into Excel or ASCII file formats.

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