Faxitron MX-20

BRIL Faxitron MX-20

The Faxitron MX-20 is a self contained bench-top x-ray cabinet which produces digital 2D images in DICOM file format. It has 5 magnification levels and laser guide for sample alignment. Instrument operation is through Specimen software on a host computer. Being a fully shielded system, additional precautions for radiation safety are not required.


  • Spatial resolution 10lp/mm (48μm)
  • Geometric magnification Up to 5X (50lp/mm)
  • Energy range 10-35kV
  • Tube current 300μA
  • Focal spot size, nominal <20μm
  • Window filtration 0.25mm Be, tungsten source
  • Power 100-250VAC, 50/60 Hz, 400VA
  • Active imaging area 10cm x 15cm

Contact People

Dr Tzong Tyng Hung

Position: National imaging facilitation fellow
Category: Academic Staff