Workplace Health and Safety

BRIL's safety documents are available online to UNSW staff and students through SafeSys. Please contact us if you don't have access or are having trouble logging in. Please read and "Declare As Read" the Safe Work Procedures (SWP) and Risk Management Forms (RMF) relevant to your project. External users may request these documents by emailing us.

nb. RMF's may cover multiple procedures as indicated in the below table

Risk Management Form

Safe Work Procedure

Operation of the EchoMRI

Operation of the EchoMRI

Working in the MRI Suite

MRI - In Vivo Imaging Using the Bruker BioSpec 20/94 Avance III

MRI - Magnet Safety and Entry Precautions for the MRI Lab

MRI - Basic Operation Bruker BioSpec 20/94 Avance III

MRI - Handling of Un-fixed Human Tissues

Using Short Half-Life (<24hrs) Radioisotope for PET Imaging

Using Short Half-Life (<24hrs) Radioisotope for PET Imaging

Using 18F Radioisotope for In Vitro Experiments

Using 18F Radioisotope for Coal Core PET-CT Imaging

Working in BRIL Facilities

Operation of the X-Rad 320 Biological Irradiator

Operation of the Inveon MicroCT scanner

Operation of the IVIS SpectrumCT

In Vitro Bioluminescence Assays Using the IVIS SpectrumCT

Operation of the BioVet for Respiratory Monitoring

Operation of the Leica M320 Surgical Microscope

Operation of the VisualSonics Vevo 3100 Ultrasound

Operation of the Laser Speckle Contrast Imager

Operation of Multispectoral Opotacoustic Tomography (MSOT)

Operation of the Momentum MPI

Operation of the U-CT (Milabs)

applicable to any

Operation of Isoflurane Inhalation Anaesthetic Systems