TEM - JEOL JEM-F200 Multi-Purpose FEG-S/TEM


The JEOL JEM-F200 (installed in 2017) is a cold field emission gun (FEG) scanning transmission electron microscope (S/TEM) that operates at 200 kV (with an option of operating at 80 kV under special request). The high brightness and coherence of the cold FEG mean that this microscope is ideally suited for analytical microscopy of materials. The F200 has a lattice resolution of 0.16 nm in ADF STEM mode and 0.1 nm in TEM mode at 200 kV. Facilities available include: a windowless 100 mm^2 silicon drift X-ray detector that enables efficient EDS spectra and elemental mapping at resolution of approximately 0.5 nm; a high tilt holder and TEMography software that allow the acquisition of high angle tilt series for 3D imaging (tomography) in TEM, STEM or EDS imaging modes. For more information please contact Richard Webster