TEM - Thermo Fisher Talos Arctica Cryo-TEM

arctica TEM

The Thermo Fisher (FEI) Talos Arctica is a 200kV field emission Cryo-Transmission Electron Microscope (Cryo-TEM) that has been purchased in partnership with the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute. The Talos Arcitca is fitted with a 4k x 4k CETA CCD camera and a 4k x 4k Falcon 3EC direct electron detecting camera that is capable of electron counting and drift correction.  The microscope has an automatically chilled stage, autogrid loader and EPU software which makes it ideal for extended and automated imaging for single particle analysis. The cryo-TEM is also equipped with a Volta Phase Plate, ideal for high-contrast imaging of small molecular weight proteins and has a ±70o stage and is equipped with Tomography 4.0 software for three-dimensional cryo-tomography. For more information contact Nicholas Ariotti.