Resources and Advanced Training

person sitting in front of an electron microscope




Scanning Electron Microscopy


SEM imaging using the JEOL 7001F (MWAC EMU production)

SEM imaging using the FEI nova NanoSEM 450 (MWAC EMU production)

Hitachi TM4000Plus Benchtop SEM workflow (MWAC EMU production)

Hitachi TM4000Plus Benchtop SEM EDS workflow (MWAC EMU production)

Specimen preparation:

Sputter coating using the Q300T (MWAC EMU production)

Carbon coating workflow (MWAC EMU production)

Mounting samples for SEM: bulk samples (MWAC EMU production)

Sample mounting for SEM: Powdered samples (MWAC EMU production)

Samples mounting for SEM: Nanoparticles or particles in suspension (MWAC EMU production)

Microscopy Australia resources

MyScope Training - MyScope was developed by Microscopy Australia to provide an online learning environment for those who want to learn about microscopy. The platform provides insights into the fundamental science behind different microscopes, explores what can and cannot be measured by different systems and provides a realistic operating experience on high end microscopes.

Introduction to MyScope - a presentation by Jenny Whiting from Microscopy Australia

Myscope Explore - A module developed by Microscopy Australia to introduce scanning electron microscopy to a wider audience.

Microscopy Australia has numerous additional online resources including a Youtube channel.