COVID Advice

The Flow Cytometry Facility is providing services for essential research only. The facility will obtain approval for staff to be present on campus to assist with essential research when required. We have also put measures in place in our work areas to assist users in complying with the UNSW and NSW Health guidelines. Before you use the BRIL facilities, you must confirm that you have approval from your Manager or Supervisor to be on campus.

  1. Please only book BRIL instruments for research which is essential and for which you have approval to be on campus.
  2. You must register using the QR codes before entering buildings
  3. You must wear masks while in UNSW buildings
  4. We request that you check bookings and pre-book instruments prior to arriving in the Lab to allow better management of occupancy in the Flow Cytometry lab.
  5. Each of the Flow Cytometry labs has a maximum occupancy posted at the entry door (2 per bay and 2 per sorter room). Physical distancing of a minimum of 1.5m is essential while working in the labs. If you see that it is already at capacity, please do not enter. If there is any disagreement about bookings that cannot be resolved, please contact the staff.
  6. The ideal working spots/locations for each instrument in each room have been indicated with an “X”. Additional markings indicate the minimum 1.5m boundary to be observed. Please observe these boundaries to ensure 1.5m physical distancing.
  7. If you have concerns with working in any Flow space, please discuss this with a member of the staff.
  8. Normal PPE (Gown, Gloves and Safety Eyewear) are mandatory when working in the lab spaces with the addition of masks as mentioned previously. More gowns are located in the cupboard labelled PPE. Do not hang gowns on hooks for reuse. Remove gowns and place them in the green bag upon exit.