Mr Chris Brownlee

Chris Brownlee Flow Cytometry Scientist MWAC UNSW

Flow Cytometry Scientist



Mr Chris Brownlee is the Flow Cytometry Scientist managing the Flow Cytometry facility at UNSW's Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre


Journal articles

Hamm JN; Erdmann S; Eloe-Fadrosh EA; Angeloni A; Zhong L; Brownlee C; Williams TJ; Barton K; Carswell S; Smith MA; Brazendale S; Hancock AM; Allen MA; Raftery MJ; Cavicchioli R, 2019, 'Unexpected host dependency of Antarctic Nanohaloarchaeota', Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 116, pp. 14661 - 14670,


Level 2, Bioscience South (E26)


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