Bruker Avance III 400 MHz NMR (Weber)

Used largely for:

o    1D and 2D structural studies of organometallic complexes

o    Multinuclear measurements for studying kinetics reaction

o    Multiple sample acquisition

o    Kinetic measurment of organometallic catalysis for homo- and heterogeneous organic ring closures

o    Kinetics of organic reactions in ionic liquids.

o    QNMR of pharmaceuticals


It is also equipped with:

o    Ultrashielded magnet

o    BBFO probe

o    Optimised for multinuclear experiments from15N to 31P and including 19F NMR, and with z-gradient.

o    Variable temperature BCU2 experiments from 233 K to 373 K and experiments from 223K to 173K with liquid nitrogen.

o    BACS-60 sample change