PerkinElmer | Lambda 365 | UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

Lambda 365

The Lambda 365 is a double-beam UV-Visible spectrometer that measures light absorption from the visible to the ultraviolet region (1100 nm to 190 nm, 1.1 eV to 6.5 eV). A sample is usually made up to a known concentration in a non-absorbing solvent (such as water) and loaded into a quartz cuvette (available from the lab). Liquids, solutions and transparent solids can be measured. Note that we are not able to measure reflectance on this instrument.

  • Standard sample solutions: 10 mm pathlength cuvettes including stoppers for air-sensitive work
  • Small quantities: 1 mm pathlength cuvettes and 1 cm minimum-volume cuvettes are available

Solids: a sample holder for measuring transparent solids and thin films on solid substrates such as glass.