Renishaw | inVia Qontor | Raman Microscope (325, 442 and 514 nm)

inVia Qontor

The inVia Qontor is a Raman spectrometer coupled to a microscope. The microscope focuses a laser source onto specific areas of a sample then collects the light scattered off the surface of the sample and directs it through a Raman spectrometer.

Capabilities of the inVia Qontor Raman Microscope:

  • Standard set-up: Raman using 514 nm (green) diode laser with 2400 and 1200 l/mm gratings, Raman using 442 nm with 2400 l/mm grating and Photoluminescence at 325 nm with 1200 l/mm grating.
  • Raman using 325 nm with 2400 l/mm grating or 514 nm with 1800 l/mm grating - email the lab 48 hours before your booking.
  • Mapping to 500 nm resolution using 514nm laser.
  • Standard mode laser spot size is around 1.5 micron at 50x magnification. Smaller spot size of 0.5 micron is possible when using confocal mode.

Applications of this instrument:

  • Ideal for identification and structural studies of most mineral and inorganic samples eg. geological samples, semiconductors
  • Organic, polymer and inorganic samples can be measured and frequently identified using a library database. If fluorescence is a problem using the 514nm source, then the 633 nm, 785 nm or 830 nm source may be a better choice (see Renishaw inVia Reflex).
  • Measurement of biological samples at low power (around 0.1 mW).