Dorothy Yu

Senior Technical Officer


Journal articles

Asrat A; Baker A; Leng MJ; Hellstrom J; Mariethoz G; Boomer I; Yu D; Jex CN; Gunn J, 2018, 'Paleoclimate change in Ethiopia around the last interglacial derived from annually-resolved stalagmite evidence', Quaternary Science Reviews, vol. 202, pp. 197 - 210,
Hartland A; Baker A; Timms WA; Shutova Y; Yu D, 2012, 'Measuring dissolved organic carbon ä13C in freshwaters using total organic carbon cavity ring-down spectroscopy (TOC-CRDS)', Environmental Chemistry Letters, vol. 10, pp. 309 - 315,
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Lin C; Melville MD; White I; Wilson BP; Yu D, 1998, 'Sedimentary environment and acid potential of the pyritic sediments in a sand barrier estuarine system, eastern Australia', Geochemical Journal, vol. 32, pp. 91 - 101,
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B39 (inside lab B36), Chemical Science Building (F10)