Induction and User Registration - BMSF Users


Failure to complete these steps will mean an incomplete induction and access will not be granted.

For frequently asked questions (FAQ) on inductions to BMSF, please visit the Access FAQ page.

If you have other questions, please contact the Laboratory Coordinator.



To get started:


Step 1 - Meet BMSF Staff

Have you already spoken to a BMSF staff member about your project or analytical enquiry?

If not, please contact BMSF at or a BMSF staff member directly. You will need to provide a short description of what you want to achieve with your project.

Arrange a meeting to discuss your analytical needs with a BMSF staff member

This will inform us about:

  1. Whether your analytical needs can be met with our current mass spectrometry methods and instrumentation
  2. Whether new method development is required
  3. Any relevant costs, charges and training, if applicable
  4. Which BMSF labs you require induction to


Please note: Due to current physical distancing measures, meetings with BMSF staff should be conducted virtually.



Step 2 - User Registration

Register online to the BMSF ACLS system by following this link, then:

  1. Click on "New User - please apply HERE"

  2. Choose “Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry Facility”

  3. Fill out your details.


If you have already previously registered to ACLS and can see the BMSF node when you log on, you do not need to re-register.



Step 3 – Project Registration

Download and complete the BMSF Project Registration Form (PRF).

Your supervisor should email the approved form to the Laboratory Coordinator.

Should you have questions about completing this form, please contact the Laboratory Coordinator.


NOTE: Make sure you have Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat installed.



Step 4 - Health and Safety Questionnaire

You must complete the relevant laboratory's questionnaire after reading the BMSF Lab Manual.

The questionnaires can be accessed by clicking on the links for each lab (you will be directed to a new page):



Step 5 - Register on Eventbrite for an Induction Tour

You MUST obtain 100% correct answers on the questionnaire before booking an induction tour. 

You will be emailed the Eventbrite link once you have obtained 100% correct answers. 

The induction tours are the last step of the induction process.