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EMU Specimen Preparation Equipment

The EMU specimen preparation suite includes equipment designed for specimen preparation for microscopy, in addition to basic lab equipment. For training or access to any of these pieces of equipment, please speak to EMU staff.

Faxitron MX-20

The Faxitron MX-20 is a self contained bench-top x-ray cabinet which produces digital 2D images in DICOM file format. It has 5 magnification levels and laser guide for sample alignment.

FluoView FV1200

Fluorescence Confocal DIC

The FV1200 is a filter based upright confocal system. A workhorse of our confocal systems it is well equipped for standard fixed samples where high resolution and sensitivity are required for localization based studies. Additionally as one of the few upright confocal systems within the BMIF it provides a means for visualizing water submerged opaque samples.

HTS - 96 well autosampler

The high throughput sampling (HTS) is attached to the LSRFortessa allowing users to analyse sample directly from a plate (12, 24, 96 and 384 wells).

Image Analysis Computers

Image Analysis

We currently have 8 image analysis computers, all of them accessible remotely, whilst 4 are also accessible locally with 4k 48inch displays so you can see your data in its best light. We also have a varied range of commercial software packages available on many of these computers