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Dynamic Light Scatter (DLS)

The NanoSight NS300 utilizes the latest version of NanoSight’s particle characterization technology, Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA). This elegant new instrument offers the unique benefits scientists have come to expect from NanoSight in a compact format, with the major benefit of enhanced fluorescence capability.

EasyGel And SmartClear II

EasyGel is a system designed for speeding the process of producing tissue-gel-hybridization samples. The SmartClear II system is a commercial instrument that allow fast, easy and reliable tissue clearing of tissue-gel-hybridization samples. The system uses stochastic electrotransport technology to remove lipids from tissue-gel-hybridization samples, thereby producing optically transparent samples. Samples that have been optically cleared with the SmartClear II system can be imaged by a number of light microscopy techniques such as confocal and lightsheet. 


EchoMRI Body Composition Analyzer

The EchoMRI-900 uses the principle of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) to 
measure the fat, lean, free water and total water mass of a mouse or rat.

EMU Specimen Preparation Equipment

The EMU specimen preparation suite includes equipment designed for specimen preparation for microscopy, in addition to basic lab equipment. For training or access to any of these pieces of equipment, please speak to EMU staff.

Faxitron MX-20

The Faxitron MX-20 is a self contained bench-top x-ray cabinet which produces digital 2D radiographs in either png or jpg file formats. It has 5 magnification levels and laser guide for sample alignment.

FluoView FV1200

The FV1200 is a filter based upright confocal system. A workhorse of our confocal systems it is well equipped for standard fixed samples where high resolution and sensitivity are required for localization based studies. Additionally as one of the few upright confocal systems within the BMIF it provides a means for visualizing water submerged opaque samples.

HTS - 96 well autosampler

The high throughput sampling (HTS) is attached to the LSRFortessa allowing users to analyse sample directly from a plate (12, 24, 96 and 384 wells).