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Bruker Avance III 400 MHz NMR (Gauss)


Currently Operational

BCU-2 removed for service

- room temperature up to 80 oC experiments only

Automation Status



Instrument Training Contact Doug Lawes

and Donald Thomas




Bruker BioSpec Avance III 94/20 Preclinical MRI

The MRI facility at the UNSW’s BRIL is one of the most powerful small-animal MRIs in Australia and is able to provide users with state-of-the-art small animal and sample imaging, and MRI biomarker assessment. As part of the National Imaging Facility the scanner can be accessed by researchers from institutions from all over the country.

Bruker Catalyst AFM

The Bruker BioScope Catalyst™ Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) system can provide high resolution (nm) topographical data of biological systems such as living cells. The instrument works in tandem with an inverted optical microscope, which is also capable of fluorescence microscopy and has a heated stage for live cell imaging.

Bruker Multimode 8

The Bruker MultiMode® 8 (MM8) is an advanced atomic force microscope (AFM) and Scanning Tunnelling Microscope (STM). Its PeakForce Tapping technology enables exceedingly low tip-sample force interactions compared to tapping mode, making it particularly useful for delicate samples by allowing the user to control the maximal force imparted to the sample. The MM8 also features the Bruker ScanAsyst® software, automating the optimisation of scanning parameters for users to obtain quality images.

Chemicon Advanced Tissue Arrayer

Chemicon Advanced Tissue Arrayer ATA100 allows you to create customized arrays of multiple tissue specimens on a single histologic slide. This instrument allows to selectively remove core tissue samples from paraffin blocks and arrange those tissue samples into an array within a recipient paraffin block. The newly formed tissue array paraffin block is then ready for further histology technique processing.

Computer Processing Room


Ten PC's available for training and off-line processing.


EasyGel And SmartClear II

EasyGel is a system designed for speeding the process of producing tissue-gel-hybridization samples. The SmartClear II system is a commercial instrument that allow fast, easy and reliable tissue clearing of tissue-gel-hybridization samples. The system uses stochastic electrotransport technology to remove lipids from tissue-gel-hybridization samples, thereby producing optically transparent samples. Samples that have been optically cleared with the SmartClear II system can be imaged by a number of light microscopy techniques such as confocal and lightsheet. 


EchoMRI Body Composition Analyzer

The EchoMRI-900 uses the principle of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) to 
measure the fat, lean, free water and total water mass of a mouse or rat.