Stats Central - Online Short Course: Study Design, May 19 2020


Note: The course should be attended remotely, and will be delivered using online collaborative teaching tools, as a mix of live video-assisted lectures and computer-based tutorials, with a chat session and multiple support staff to answer questions.


Course Overview

Good study design is crucial for answering your research questions. No amount of post processing or statistical expertise can compensate for poor or inadequate study design. In this course you will lean the basic concepts of study design including how to;

  • Randomize, so that your sample can be used make inferences about the real world (the population).

  • Implement appropriate controls and manipulation to infer causation.

  • Determine adequate sample size.

We will then move on to advanced concepts, which will focus on how blocking and stratification can reduce variability and improve power (the ability to answer your research question) using a smaller sample size (hence less resources).

Practical Component

  • How to randomise – Random allocation of subjects to treatments and random sampling

  • Simple power analysis – How much data do we need to answer the question of interest?

  • We will use free online tools and the software packages, either Excel and G*Power; or R (optional).


Course Requirement: You will need a computer with Excel (or equivalent) and G*Power installed and access to the course.

Duration: 9.00am to 1.00pm

Location: Online


Online Course Fees (heavily discounted rates with half of normal fees)

UNSW Student: $40

UNSW Staff: $80

External Student: $150

External: $200

You will receive a certificate of completion for the course.