Stats Central - Online Seminar Sept 17, 2020


Visualise high dimensional data with the tourr R package

When we have many variables, we are told the only way to visualize them is two or maybe three at a time with scatterplots and boxplots. Turns out that is baloney. The tourr package in R uses a technique called projection pursuit which allows you to visualise datasets containing 5, 10, even 20 dimensions. It feels a bit like walking around your data, hence the name tour. Touring your data lets you explore clusters in high dimensions, look at variable importance, dependence between variables,  and see outliers. If you know how to use R then touring your data is very simple.

The talk will be about 30 minutes long and follow by discussion.

Speaker: Gordana Popovic, Statistical Consultant, UNSW Stats Central

Date:       Thursday 17 September 2020

Time:       2.30-3.30pm

Location: Online