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NHMRC Project Grants and Statistics: How to excel in the statistical design component

Want to give your NHMRC Project Grant application the best chance for success? Want to ensure your experimental design is statistically relevant and feasible?
Which Stats Software Should I Use? - Seminar Nov 8


Anyone who has to do some stats needs to first make the decision about what software to use - SPSS?  R?  Stata?  In this short talk we will work through some of the things to consider in choosing a

What can Data Science do for you? - Stats Central Seminar 12 March 2019


Ever wonder how investment companies improve investment returns? What tools manufacturers use to improve their productivity? How e-commerce companies can increase their revenue?

Stats Central Launch


The UNSW statistical consulting unit, Stats Central, is now open for business!  The guest speaker at our official launch 15th June Wednesday evening is Prof Ian Jacobs, President and Vice-C