The University NMR Facility was first established as an Inter-Faculty operation with its first spectrometer with a superconducting magnet, in 1982. It is now located within the purpose-built Analytical Centre, housed in the Chemical Sciences Building (F10), and equipped to an international standard with state-of-the art instruments:  Seven which can measure solutions, two which can measure solids and soft matter, and one which can measure electron magnetic resonance. We also have a computer room for off-line data processing and archiving.

We specialise in the analysis of materials and bio-materials using Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (NMR and EPR).

More examples   

                          a)     Analysis of polymers,

b)    Quantitative analysis of pesticides, herbicides and pharmaceuticals

c)    Analysis of clay minerals, cement

d)    Quality control of simple organics

e)    Analysis of Carbon materials

f)     QNMR, 14N nmr, SS nmr, Structural Elucidation, Kinetics, Diffusion NMR, Multi-nuclear NMR, Heavy metals, Organic O, N…