NHMRC Project Grants and Statistics: How to excel in the statistical design component

Posted 4 October 2016

Facility: Stats Central

Want to give your NHMRC Project Grant application the best chance for success? Want to ensure your experimental design is statistically relevant and feasible?
Then attend the upcoming presentation, where Stats Central will present “NHMRC Project Grants and Statistics: How to excel in the statistical design component” seminar on Wednesday 2nd November.
Time: 1:00 – 3:00 pm
Date: Wednesday 2nd November 2016
Location: Central Lecture Block 1
In this workshop, Dr Robin Turner and Professor Susan Wilson will provide some practical considerations when developing the statistical aspects of NHMRC Project Grant applications. In particular, how to:
o   Understand the two main approaches to sample size estimation
o   Present and describe sample size calculations in grant applications based on real world examples;
o   Avoid common statistical pitfalls, including design issues, based on (anonymised) examples from the statistical reviews of NHMRC 2017 grant applications.
Suitable for: Researchers considering submitting NHMRC Project Grant applications who are unclear, or need a refresher, about how to develop and present the statistical design (with emphasis on sample size calculations) and associated analyses.
Some quotes from last year’s attendees:
"Good presentation. Pitched at an appropriate level. The resources were very relevant - please circulate the links. Looking forward to more of these. Thanks!"
"Great presentation, very helpful - thank you!"