Spectroscopy Laboratory


The Spectroscopy Laboratory has a focus on vibrational spectroscopy techniques, Raman and infrared, enabling chemical characterisation and micron-scale mapping of solids, liquids and powders. The lab hosts two Raman spectrometers (one with photoluminescence capability), two FTIR spectrometers and two UV/Visible/NIR spectrophotometers.

Applications of vibrational spectroscopy include:

  • Mineral identification - identification and mapping of titania phases (Raman).
  • Crystal strain measurement - strain imposed by defect structures in semiconductors (Raman).
  • Chemical characterisation and crystallinity determinations of polymers (Infrared and Raman).
  • Chemical characterisation of polymers and small organic molecules via library matching (Infrared and Raman).
  • Biological samples - mapping lipid and amino acid rich areas in cells (Infrared and Raman).
  • Identification of metal-ligand bonds in complexes (Infrared and Raman).
  • Characterisation of carbon fullerenes and nanotubes (Raman).

Applications of UV-Visible and Photoluminescence (PL) spectroscopy:

  • Spectrophotometric assays (UV-Vis).
  • Band-gap measurements of transparent films and solid thin films (UV-Vis and PL).