AC Lab System


In today’s world, online connection is the key to get lab facilities and users connected and integrated. Through years of effort, we developed a facility online booking and management system, which provides a secure and reliable platform for lab managers and staff to run the lab efficiently and to enhance and enrich lab and users interaction experience.

What is AC Lab System?

The system is specially developed to meet the needs of imaging, chemical analysis, biology, medicine and related research labs. It has proven its reliability, security and quality of service over years of operation. It is capable of managing and integrating time-based and sample-based operation, and furthermore, features WHS measures, reporting, invoicing and calendar export. In addition, ACLS Plug-In Modules are provided to meet specialist operational demands.

What can AC Lab System offer?

The system provides the following major functions and features proven to suit the needs of today's Labs:

  • Online users’ registration and users’ reactivation
  • Instrument & Facility management inclusive of facility weekly and daily bookings, training booking, session booking, commercial booking, service booking, facility permission settings, training requirements settings, current facility status
  • User training and certification management inclusive of trainer management and certification process monitoring
  • Sample tracking inclusive of sample doc online submission, sample analysis process monitoring, sample completion report
  • Broadcast and email alert mechanisms providing an efficient way of communicating between staff and users for training booking, service booking, user access & reactivation
  • My Dashboard offers a platform to quickly access information for decision making
If interested, contact us for demo and deployment of AC Lab System:

Please contact the Systems Manager to organize an online demo and possible further discussions about the deployment of AC Lab System for your facility. We provide special installation kits through download or on CD to facilitate system installation.