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Kellie Kouts

Position: Director of Operations, MWAC • PVC (Research Infrastructure)

Dr Ruoming Tian

Position: XRD Technical Officer

02 93854524
Image of Dr Kate Michie
Dr Kate Michie

Position: Senior Lecturer (BABS)
Category: Academic Staff

Anne Rich image
Dr Anne Rich

Position: Scientific Officer

+61-2-9385 9795
+61-2-9385 4663
Image of Richard Tilley
Professor Richard David Tilley

Position: Director Electron Microscope Unit
Category: Academic Staff

+61 (2) 9385 6400
Donald Thomas Image
Dr Donald Thomas

Position: Head NMR, Spectroscopy Lab and Structural Biology Facility

Image of Daniel Luque
Dr Daniel Luque

Position: Associate Director
Category: Academic Staff

+61 (2) 9385 1937
Image of Mark Lockrey
Dr Mark Lockrey

Position: Facility Manager

+61 (2) 9065 7603
Dr Karen Louise Privat

Position: Research Associate (SEM-based Imaging & Microanalysis)
Category: Academic Staff

Dr Nancy Briggs

Position: Senior Statistical Consultant
Category: Academic Staff

+61 (2) 9385 8220
0435 579 173
Dr Juanfang Ruan

Position: Research Associate
Category: Academic Staff

+61-2-9385 5729
Image of Rumana Akhter
Dr Rumana Akhter

Position: Senior Technical Officer

Dr Richard Webster

Position: Research Associate
Category: Academic Staff

Dr Rhiannon Philippa Kuchel

Position: Research Associate
Category: Academic Staff

+61 (2) 9385 6384
Dr Simon Hager

Position: Industry Applications Scientist

+61-2-9065 2249