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Dr Mohan Bhadbhade

Position: Scientific Officer, Crystallography
Dr Yu Wang

Position: Scientific Officer, Powder Diffraction Instruments
Dr Bill Gong

Position: Technical Officer
Dorothy Yu

Position: Senior Technical Officer
Irene Wainwright

Position: Senior Technical Officer
Dr Michael Carnell

Position: Research Associate
Dr Alex Macmillan

Position: Lecturer
Mel McGuirk

Position: Operations Support Officer (Tuesdays and Wednesdays)
Vicki Rorris

Position: Administration Officer
Dr Celine Heu

Position: Research Associate (AFM)
Dr Elvis Pandzic

Position: Research Scientist (Advanced Fluorescence Microscopy)
Dr Richard Francis

Position: Research Associate (Intravitals)
Dr Sandra Fok

Position: Research Associate (Biomedical Imaging)
Category: Academic Staff
Mrs Iveta Slapetova

Position: Imaging Specialist
Ms Lin Chin

Position: Finance & Administration Officer
Dr Andre Bongers

Position: Senior Research Fellow MRI
Category: Academic Staff
Laboratory: Imaging
Mr Chris Brownlee

Position: Flow Cytometry Scientist
Laboratory: Flow
Mr Brendan Lee

Position: Technical Officer
Laboratory: Imaging
Simone Zanoni

Position: Image Analyst
Laboratory: Imaging