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3i VIVO™ Microscope

Fluorescence Widefield Spinning Disk Confocal Intravital

The 3i VIVO microscope is ideally suited for intravital imaging. Its large stable stage can easily accommodate sizable tissue samples along with clamps and manipulators to aid stabilization. Equipped with a spinning disk unit for high speed optical sectioning, paired with an image intensifier, this system can achieve very high frame rates making the most of every photon. Additionally, a pulsed 532nm ablation laser is available for targeted tissue damage. 


The BD LSRFortessa™ SORP X-20 analyzing flow cytometer is equipped with five excitation lasers (ultraviolet 355nm, violet 405nm, blue 488nm, yellow/green 561nm and red 642nm) and is able to detect up to 20 parameters (18 fluorescence channels plus forward scatter and side scatter). This cytometer’s configuration has been designed to mirror that of our BD Influx (excluding small particle detection), enabling users to easily transfer or work-up experiments.


The Cytek Aurora leverages full spectrum technology to provide unprecedented flexibility to scientists, enabling the use of a wide array of new fluorochrome combinations without reconfiguring the system for each application.

Aurora is equipped with 3 lasers (wavelengths 405nm, 488nm and 640 nm) and 38 fluorescent detectors it provides outstanding multi-parametric data for a wide array of applications.


The Attune NxT analyzing flow cytometer is a high-end, user-friendly flow cytometer with 4 excitation lasers and 24 detection parameters (matching our BD Fortessa SORP and X20 configuration). Optimised for both biomedical and environmental research, this cytometer offers an optional auto-sampling system, small particle detection and volumetric analysis ie, exact counts.

The Attune utilising a novel technique of Acoustic Focusing the sample on the the lasers which allows high through put sampling from tubes, up to 1ml per minute.


The BD LSRFortessa™ SORP analyzing flow cytometer is a high-end, user-friendly flow cytometer with 5 excitation lasers and 24 detection parameters (matching our BD Influx’s configuration). Optimised for both biomedical and environmental research, this cytometer offers an optional High Throughput Sampling system, and small particle detection.


BD FACSCanto™ II is equipped with three excitation lasers wavelengths (405nm, 488nm and 640 nm). The Canto II cant detect up to 10 fluorescent parameters with 2 scatter options and is capable of analyzing samples between 100 and 12,000 cells per second. Software is FACS™ Diva generating standard FCS3.0 files for third party software analysis packages.


Aperio FL Slide Scanner

Fluorescence Slide scanning

The Aperio ScanScope FL scanner is a fluorescence microscope that is used to digitalise traditional fluorescently labelled specimens, mounted on a glass slide, through a high-quality scanning process and produces, able to scan large areas. With 20X magnification you can select from up to 4 fluorescent colours (Blue, Green, red, far-red). All slides must be labelled with DAPI or Hoechst nuclear stain for calibration and focusing purposes.

Bruker Avance III 400 MHz NMR (Gauss)


Currently Operational

BCU-2 removed for service

- room temperature up to 80 oC experiments only

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