PerkinElmer | Spectrum Two | FTIR Spectrometer

Spectrum Two

The Spectrum Two is a versatile Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectrometer designed for a wide range of materials analysis. It offers several sampling accessories to accommodate various sample types, thicknesses and techniques:

Universal Attenuated Total Reflectance (UATR):

This method facilitates rapid analysis of thin films (down to microns), opaque solids, liquids, and powders. It covers a wavenumber range of 450-4000 cm⁻¹ (22 µm to 2.5 µm).


Analyse thin films (less than 100 microns) deposited on transparent mid-infrared substrates or analyse powdered samples mixed with KBr. The transmission mode operates within the 400-4000 cm⁻¹ (25 µm to 2.5 µm) range.

Fixed-Angle Specular Reflectance:

This technique is suitable for measuring any flat film, metallic surfaces, or reflecting surfaces. Measurements are conducted at a fixed 16° angle of incidence across the 450-4000 cm⁻¹ (22 µm to 2.5 µm) range. The accessory includes a flat reference mirror and aperture masks (2mm, 5mm, and 10mm) for versatility.

Diffuse Reflectance:

This method is ideal for analysing highly scattering solids and powders. It operates within the 450-4000 cm⁻¹ (22 µm to 2.5 µm) range and comes with two sampling cups with micro (~20mg) and macro (~80mg) capacities.

The Spectrum Two caters to a broad spectrum of samples, including:

  • Organic powders, liquids, and films
  • Biological sections
  • Minerals
  • Polymers

For detailed information on preparing your specific samples for FTIR analysis, please refer to the 'Sample Preparation' section