Sample Preparation

The laboratory analyses a wide range of solids, powders, liquids, solutions and biological materials, and most equipment is available to prepare your sample for analysis:

  • Standard glass microscope slides, scalpels and tweezers are available for basic sample preparation.
  • Measuring FT-IR of powders using the UATR is fast and simple, however a 10 tonne press is available to make KBr discs (13 mm or 2 mm discs), and a mortar and pestle is available to make Nujol mulls for traditional FT-IR transmission measurements if required.
  • UV-Visible measurement of solutions or liquids can be performed using a standard 10 mm pathlength cuvettes (3 mL or 1 mL) or a 1 mm pathlength cuvette (0.3 mL). A solids holder is available for measuring UV-Vis of transparent samples.
  • Biological Samples: Please note that the lab does not have equipment for sectioning of tissues and all biological materials should be "fixed" unless a prior arrangement has been made with the laboratory.
  • CaF2 plates for FT-IR biological work (transmission of mid-IR).
  • Liquid cell with KBr plates for non-aqueous solutions (transmission of mid-IR).