Katharina Gaus Light Microscopy Facility

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Welcome to the Katharina Gaus Light Microscopy Facility (formerly the Biomedical Imaging Facility - BMIF). We are a multiuser facility within the Mark Wainwright Analytical Center (MWAC). Located in the Lowy Cancer Research Centre at UNSW we are a team of scientists that provide research support and training in core and advanced microscopy techniques.


In our goal to facilitate the highest level of research our activities are divided into 3 key areas:

Specimen preparation

Good research and results begin with appropriately prepared samples. Our biological specimen preparation lab provide a range of services and expertise in biological sample preparation.
Image acquisition Equipped with a diverse range of imaging instruments users have access to a broad range of tools to assist them in their scientific enquiries. Use of BMIF instruments are preceded by a comprehensive training to ensure that samples are acquired correctly for their intended purpose.
Data analysis Analysis of acquired data can be a troubling task. At times it can require access to speciality software that comes with a large price tag, and at other times require certain skillsets not commonly available in biological research labs. At the BMIF we have a suite of image analysis software and workstations as well as staff ready and willing to assist.