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Welcome to our Workshops section! Here, you'll find a range of engaging workshops designed to enhance your skills and knowledge. Dive in to discover new learning opportunities are available for you.


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Introductory Image Processing & Analysis

Master the basics of Image Processing and Analysis through our workshop series. Utilizing ImageJ/FIJI, these sessions will guide you in preparing your data for presentation and publication, alongside offering an initial insight into Image Analysis.

Automation with Fiji

This workshop will concentrate on automating tasks in FIJI. If you know what you want to achieve but find yourself weary from all the clicking, we'll guide you through the process of recording and editing macros, as well as crafting scripts using Groovy.



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Colocalisation Analysis

Colocalization analysis involves examining and understanding the spatial relationship between one channel and another. If you're capturing images across multiple channels and seek to quantify their relationship, this workshop is designed specifically for you.

Machine Learning for Segmentation

Segmentation, the task of identifying objects within an image, stands as one of the more complex challenges in image analysis. The advent of machine learning has brought significant advancements in this domain. However, grasping the practical aspects of applying machine learning to segmentation can necessitate some guidance..