WHS Committee

MWAC has what is known as a Level 3 Health and Safety Consultation Committee. The purpose of the committee is to enable communication of safety issues between management, staff, students and visitors. The committee consists of an elected representative from each of the groups within MWAC, as well as representatives from the UNSW Health and Safety Unit and MWAC Management. The meetings are held every 2 months with the agendas and minutes from the meetings made available on the MWAC network drive. One of the key responsibilities of the committee is to carry out annual safety inspections of the various work spaces that make up the MWAC. For more information about the scope of the committee, its composition and responsibilities please see the MWAC Level 3 HS Committee Constitution which is available on the MWAC staff network drive. If you have any concerns around health and safety you can contact your WHS representative, manager or UNSW Health and Safety.