Stats Central


Stats Central is a statistical consulting unit established at UNSW in 2016 to provide university-wide support for staff and students during study design and analysis.  It is funded through the research division, with the support of the School of Mathematics and Statistics and a growing suite of partner schools, to provide support for UNSW research students and staff in collaborative and consultative roles.  We are currently staffed by eight professionally accredited consultants with a breadth of expertise working with researchers across disciplines, and located in the Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre.  Our office is on level 2 of the Biological Sciences South building (E26).

 Stats Central offers:

- Statistical consultations for UNSW staff and students regarding all aspects of the research project (study design, analysis and communication).  Study design advice is free for all UNSW researchers and all consulting services are free for UNSW higher degree research students.

- Intensive short courses on introductory statistics, study design, and regression analysis, at heavily reduced rates for UNSW staff and students.

- Grant development and review: Free advice on study design and analysis in the project planning stages, advice on how to write details into your grant application from experienced statisticians, and review of draft applications.  For details write to

- A hub for biostatisticians and statistical consultants around campus.

Is your school or unit interested in partnering with Stats Central?  Partner schools make a cash contribution to the scheme in exchange for having a professionally accredited statistician based in their school part-time for enhanced research support.