AC Data Centre


The Data Centre is part of the key infrastructure at the Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre. Through the Data Centre, all the experimental results and mission critical data are stored, backed up and archived. As a part of the e-Research capabilities of the Analytical Centre, the Data Centre provides a common platform for knowledge and information sharing, data storing, sharing, analysis and mining, which enable researchers to perform their research more creatively, efficiently and collaboratively across long distances and disseminate their research outcomes with greater effect.

Currently, the Data Centre provides up to 1PB+ data storage space and users can access their data through the internet anywhere in the world. Data files have been classified by research unit. Please contact the respective Units/Facilities for data access set-up and permission.

Data Management Guide

For Analytical Centre users, this Data Management Guide provides guidance on a range of topics.  

You can access data through web browser on the purposely built Nextcloud platform with the AC Lab System sign in at

myTardis Data Service

We deployed myTardis data service at centre to support NIF projects. You can sign in via the link mytardis Sign In, or contact us for sign up. 


XNAT Data Service

We deployed XNATdata service at centre to support various projects. You can sign in via the link XAT Sign In, or contact us for sign up. For more information on XNAT, please visit XNAT site